The Gourmet Nut Company

Welcome to The Gourmet Nut Company

At The Gourmet Nut Company, we are nuts about nuts, but not just any nuts, only gourmet nuts, and more specifically gourmet coated nuts.

The Gourmet Nut Company is a specialist coater of gourmet nut products including macadamia nuts, almonds, cashew nuts, pistachio nuts, hazelnuts and pecans.

Our unique point of difference is our ability to consistently apply a quality coating to our nuts that delivers that "hand made" quality we all love, but in commercial quantities.

Our product is superior to any other coated nuts on the market due to our unique coating process that has been specially developed to produce a delicious flavour, great look and absolutely no sticking or clumping. It provides the nut with a great roasted texture and locks in the flavour & freshness for your continued enjoyment.

Whether it is for a snack product or as an ingredient, our unique process allows us to coat from as small as 3mm granulated hazelnut up to a whole large macadamia nut or pecan, and anything in between.

We only use the freshest, natural ingredients in the cooking of our nuts. We definitely do not cook our nuts in oil, ensuring the original, natural monounsaturated "good oils" in the nuts are the only oils you get. They are all cholesterol free, gluten free, low GI and wheat free, so you are free to eat as many as you want.

Try our nuts for yourself, you will not be disappointed!

One of our best kept secrets is the honey we use to coat our nuts. We'd love to share it with you, but then it wouldn't be a secret and our competitors would know, so the best we can do is to say that it is very special. It is one of the reasons that our nuts taste so good.

The Gourmet Nut Company is HACCP and SQF accredited, ensuring you only get the highest quality products when you buy our nuts.

A touch of history

The Gourmet Nut Company was established from very humble beginnings in 1998 with honey macadamia nuts being roasted, coated and sold on a single nut cart at the South Melbourne Market.
Today, we sell to close to 1,000 tonne of our unique roasted and coated nuts to virtually all major retailers, wholesalers and many major manufacturers throughout Australia, as well as exporting nuts to many companies across the Asia Pacific including China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and New Zealand.